Drakes - Havana

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Drake’s Havana is a Yellow to a light orange shade. The smell is sweet with a light nutty sensation. The taste is smokey, with a prominent sweet taste and a mild spicy flavour merged with the flavour of a moderate strapping Havana cigar tobacco.

The tobacco flavour is temperate and enveloped with a sweet taste that’s easy on the throat. This e-liquid is soothing and succeeds in maintaining the essence of the tobacco while offering full flavour flawlessly coupled with rich sweet essentials. It’s certainly an e-liquid you will relish even if you are not a fan of tobacco and cigar liquids.

One of the most popular tobacco flavours from the range, Drake’s Havana has that special zing that gives it an interesting flavour, and the sweetness of the e-liquid is mild but not easily forgotten. It is distinctive and unique. The unquestionable singularity of this e-liquid actually comes from its smokiness. The overall liquid maintains a consistently soft and smooth quality that is mild on the taste buds. It is uncomplicated and bypasses all the intricacies of full-bodied tobaccos. If you are a cigar aficionado in search of a distinctive vaping experience, then Drake’s Havana is not to be missed!